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While scrolling through social media or researching for NFT collections to buy into, users often come across interesting and new collections. It would be disruptive to constantly have to switch over to research new collections while users are in the midst of researching something else. The watchlist comes in handy by allowing users to keep the NFTs, collections or addresses they are interested in within their watchlist. Furthermore, watchlist function also support advanced activity filter, similar to the collection activity filter function, which include:

  • filter to show activities happened in specific marketplaces
  • filter to show activities generated by specific address labels including Whale, Bluechip Holder and Twitter Influencer
  • filter to show certain types of activities including sale, deal, list, offer, collection offer, transfer, mint, burn
  • filter out all wash-trading activities
  • Only show NFTFi Activities

Add Collection to Watchlist

As shown above, users will be able to add a collection to their watchlist by clicking on the star icon at the top right.

Add NFT to Watchlist

When users come across a particular NFT that they like but would like to analyze it more, they can add the NFT to their watchlist using the star icon to be able to track it easily.

When clicking NFT, the relevant information will be displayed in a pop-up window. Hence, the user can view the NFT's traits and rarity information without having to navigate to a new page. User can click 'View Details' and will be directed to the NFT detail page to view more.

Benefits of Watchlist

1. Ease of Research

By being able to consolidate all the NFTs, collections and addresses that the user comes across, the watchlist serves as a consolidated place for users to continue their research. There are also separate sections for NFTs, collections and addresses, this makes it even easier for the user to narrow down on which particular aspect they wish to research on.

2. Ease of Purchase

Should users have a particular NFT or a few NFTs that they are keen on buying, they can add these into their watchlist. While analyzing and monitoring the trends, should the price be favourable to the users, they can immediately purchase from the page.

3. Keep Track of Purchased Collections & NFTs

Collections that users have bought into can also be added to the watchlist. Key metrics including that of price trends, holding distribution and transaction volume can be seen conveniently. Should users notice that the price trend of the collection has been going down and the transaction volume has decreased significantly, it could be a sign that the market is no longer as interested in the particular collection. Users should then evaluate whether to sell their NFT to prevent the value from depreciating further.